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Frequently Asked Questions

1~ How do I place an order?

2~ How long does it take to receive my hard copy self-study course materials after I place an order?

3~ I need proof of my purchase before my institution will provide me with a check for reimbursement. What should I do?

4~ Does CACMLE accept PO numbers for self-study orders?

5~ Are exams included with the course I purchase?

6~ Do I have to order a course in order to take the exam?

7~ What is the quickest way to get exam results?

8~ How long does it take from the time an exam answer sheet is sent to CACMLE to when a certificate is received?

9~ My mailing address has changed since I've ordered my exam. Is it possible for me to have my results sent to my new address?

10~ How long is my paper exam valid?

11~ Why is the Exam ID# necessary?

12~ Where is the Exam ID # located?

13~ I no longer need a paper exam I ordered. Is it okay to transfer or give this paper exam to somebody else who would like to use it?

14~ I think I may have a photo-copied version of a paper exam answer sheet. What should I do?

15~ How do I receive P.A.C.E. credit for attending the CACMLE webinars?

16~ Do you have Corporate Memberships available?

17~ I've bought/placed orders with CACMLE; and completed tests with CACMLE. Does this make me a member?

18~ Are there any tax benefits to belonging to CACMLE?

19~ What if I forgot my membership number and/or my membership lapse date?

20~ Looking for a CACMLE scholarship?